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Throughout my career, I have interviewed hundreds of designers. Some were fresh out of college, some were new to the industry - making a career switch, some people were just curious about what the hell happens in the design industry.

I have always looked at interviews as more of a conversation, where one designer is trying to know the experience or understanding of the other designer when it comes to the fundamentals of user experience design.

Personally, while in a conversation with a job seeker, I keep a tab on areas where we have a clear alignments between the skills and experiences a job seeker carries, and what our design team currently needs, and a yes or no decision is made on the degree of the alignment.

What are these areas of alignment?

One thing that designers inherently must have is a strong communication skills. A strong Communication is about conveying ideas and thoughts, in a short period of time, with a high precision and clarity, and that is why it is one of the hardest nuts to crack.

Few more critical things are being on time, having your portfolio (if you have one) handy, and being clear on things that you know and the things that you don't.

Now, since we have the background in place, let us get right into the details of execution, and talk about a few basic checks that you should do, before appearing for any sort of an interview:

<aside> 👉🏼 Disclaimer: I am proceeding with an assumption that the company you're interviewing at, and the role for which you're interviewing, is already known to you at least upto certain extent. The rest you can ask the Recruiter/Interviewer you would be speaking to.


First thing first, research about the company and the team

Here is a checklist of things you should be aiming to have in place: