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<aside> 💡 I have been managing design projects for small, mid and large scale companies since 2012. This document covers my notes, tips and tricks that I have gathered over many years.

Please feel free to suggest modifications, and ask questions.


What is a design manager?

Key responsibilities:

Project management:

Why is a design manager needed?

Imagine an execution, without at least some amount of planning. You are imagining a high failure rate, slow improvement and a badly designed product.

A design manager ensures all the designers are on the same page, are aware of the scope, constraints, and everything that already exists.

Daily client communication, daily design reviews, weekly/bi-weekly feedback sessions, etc are some mechanisms to ensure that the project goes smoothly, and the design team is able to deliver a product with the utmost quality.

How to become a design manager?

As a design manager, you are not only required to help clients/stakeholders with planning and executing the design project, you are also expected to build a good level of personal and professional understanding with your peers.

Being good at any kind of management, starts with building empathy.